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Posted July 23, 2012

     Haubstadt, IN - July 21, 2012.  Jon Stanbrough of Brownsburg, IN,
captured round six of Indiana Sprint Week by winning the 30 lap
AMSOIL USAC Sprint Car feature Saturday night at Tri-State Speedway.
Although Stanbrough led every lap of the feature, it was a
competitive event position after position through the ranks.  He was
at the wheel of the Roberts/Tate -Leer Racing DRC, Number 21x.
     Bryan Clauson fought by Bobby East for second on lap 13.  East and
Stanbrough had started at the front of the 22 car field for the
feature.  On laps 17 and 18 Clauson caught Stanbrough and was able to
slide under him in the corners only to have the veteran take the lead
back in a quick exchange.  On lap 19 Clauson caught the cushion wrong
in turn two and rolled his car.  Undaunted he remained seated in the
car as it was picked up and towed to the work area.  With a fresh
tire Clauson rejoined the field at the very back of pack.  And for 11
laps he became the greatest spectacle in racing as he flew by car
after car to finish third in the feature behind Levi Jones.
     In the post race interview Stanbrough was very careful to include
those all important  sponsors including Fatheadz, Hoosier, Simpson,
Weld, and Butler Built.  "I wasn't running as hard as I could.  I
didn't see anyone until Bryan came into view." Clauson added, "I was
battling with Jon and I thought that I needed to be up on top and I
turned it over."  Levi Jones looked for positives with his second
place finish.  "I hung in there.  We are still in the hunt.  Tonight
we were just a little bit short!"
     Stanbrough, Jones, and Clauson finished one, two, three after coming
into the Haubstadt event as the three point leaders for sprint week.
Going in Levi Jones led Clauson by just 11 points and heading out for
the finale Sunday at Lincoln Park Speedway Jones led both Stanbrough
and Clauson, who were tied for second, by 12 points.
     Jonathan Hendrick and Chase Stockon rounded out the top five.
Hendrick was a fixture in the top five during the race while Stockon
powered his way through the field after starting 20th.  The second
five included Bobby East, Jerry Coons Jr., Robert Ballou, Chris
Windom, and Kyle Cummins.
     In the preliminary events Dave Darland set fast time on the quarter
mile oval for the 33 drivers entered with a 13.234 mark.  Josh
Burton, Clauson, East, and Darren Hagen won the heat races.  Jerry
Coons Jr. took the Semi feature over Darland and Chris Windom.
Damion Gardner endured the hardship of flipping his car in the heat
race and the feature.  Daron Clayton made the feature in a wild chase
to finish sixth in the semi.
     In the UMP Modifieds Shawn Cates of Evansville, IN,  won the 25 lap
feature.  It was the first win for Cates anywhere this season.
Steven Schnapf finished second after leading the first 15 laps.
Cates got his car to handle really well down low.  Tyler Nicely and
Josh Harris ran fourth and fifth.  Stan Beadles, who had been running
third, finished fifth after recovering from a near spin with 2 laps
to go.  Schnapf, Beadles, and Cates won the heat races and Neal
Kramer won the consolation race.
    The next race at Haubstadt is the Hoosier Sprint Nationals on Saturday
August 4th which is sanctioned by MSCS.  The feature pays $5,000 to
win.  The UMP Open Wheel Modifieds will also be on the race card that



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