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Posted June 3, 2012

     Haubstadt, IN - June 2, 2012.  Brady Bacon turned in an enduring
performance Saturday night at Tri-State Speedway to win the Hut 100
for USAC and POWRi Midgets.
The Broken Arrow, OK, driver followed Jerry Coons Jr. lap after lap before
finally taking the lead on the 99th circuit of the quarter mile speedway.
Coons caught the cushion and Bacon was instantly alongside.  As Coons
slowed due to a broken part, Bacon was on his way to a first Hut 100
     Bacon's remarks in victory lane of the prestigious midget race were
conciliatory.  "It is unfortunate that he broke.  I would have liked
to have beaten him heads up but I'll take it.  The car was good all
night.  We were right behind him in qualifying.  Either way we would
have been running really hard to get by him at the end."
     The speedway itself had undergone a facelift after rain moved across
the area bringing out the red flag with 86 laps completed.  An open
red allowed crews to attend to cars which were pushed to the apron of
the speedway to allow equipment to start the process of reclaiming
the surface.
     The restart was an unexpected opportunity for drivers in the pack as
well as Bacon.  During those final 14 laps Chris Windom moved up to
finish second in the team car to Bacon.  Both were driving Wilke-Pak
entries.  Windom was sixth at the weather break.
     Levi Jones started fifth on the field and stayed in the top five all
night to finish third.  Indy competitor Bryan Clauson finished
fourth, and Ryan Bernal was fifth.  Bernal led the first 16 laps
before Jerry Coons Jr. took command.  Coons ended up sixth despite
leading for 82 laps.  He finished just ahead of USAC point leader
Darren Hagen and POWRi point leader Brett Anderson.  Anderson picked
up the Hard Charger award, having started 25th and finishing eighth.
Levi Roberts and Steve Buckwalter rounded out the top 10.
     Austin Brown won the 15 lap semi feature.  The top twelve finishers
transferred to the 100 lap feature and would line up behind the
fastest 21 qualifiers that were locked in after time trials.  Mike
Hess earned the final transfer spot after starting 18th in the semi.
Jerry Coons Jr. had quick time for the 41 entrants at 13.793 and
started on the pole.  Fans witnessed the annual Hut 100 spectacle of
eleven rows of midgets starting three abreast.  Dalton Armstrong took
a USAC provisional to become an added 34th starter.
     Dalton Armstrong had the misfortune to flip during qualifications.
The cushion that developed in turn one was a bit tricky at times.
First year driver Garrett Aitken also flipped in that corner during
the Semi.  The caution flag was displayed at least 8 times in 100
laps with the only red flag the result of rain.  Twenty-one cars were
running at the conclusion of the race with 13 cars still on the lead
     Trent Beckinger of Evansville, IN, won the 20 lap POWRi Micro Sprint
feature.  It was his first outing of the season after capturing the
series title in 2011.  He passed Joe B. Miller on lap 15 and led
Miller and Cale Thomas to the wire.  Beckinger's car was fast in the
low groove.  Jake Neuman and Derek Schuett rounded out the top five.
     The three preliminary heats were won by Chad Elliott, Jeremy Camp,
and Jake Neuman.  Passing points totals gave Cale Thomas the pole for
the feature!
Tri-State Speedway will host the MSCS Sprints and UMP Modifieds on
Fathers Day June 17th.




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