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Posted May 28, 2013

     Haubstadt, IN - May 26, 2013.  Daron Clayton charged to a victory in
the Memorial Day Classic held at Tri-State Speedway Sunday night.
The Sikeston, MO, driver picked up $2,500 for his winning efforts
with the Merry Go Round Restaurant sponsored sprint car.  Clayton
also won the Memorial weekend event in 2007 but this year the race
was also a King of Indiana Sprint Series event as well as a MSCS
     The 30 lap main had the potential to be an eight or 10 car shootout.
Hunter Schuerenberg stated on the pole but fell out of the
competition on the first lap.  Clayton moved up a spot from the
second row for the restart and shot off into the lead.  The track was
fast and the action widespread.  Robert Ballou and Chase Stockon
began battling for the second spot.  Ballou stopped in turn four on
lap seven with engine woes and Stockon could then concentrate on
catching the leader.  The racing between the two was close.  Stockon
got high in turn two and rolled his car over.
    Another chapter developed in the race!  Jon Stanbrough then picked up
the challenge.  Stanbrough passed Clayton on lap 17.  But his turn at
the lead ended 3 laps later with a flat left rear tire.  He had
evidently ran over some debris on the track.  Clayton had the lead
back.  Kyle Cummins, now in second,  would lead the chase to try and
catch the Modern Day Cowboy.  A green, white, checker finish ensured a
close race with Cummins, Kevin Thomas Jr., Levi Jones, and Brady Short
rounding out the top five.
     Both Kevin Thomas Jr. and Kyle Cummins mentioned in the post race
interviews that Clayton's car was missing a rear shock.  Daron was
not aware of it.
     Jon Stanbrough returned to action in the race after a visit to the
work area and managed to move back up to finish sixth.  Pennsylvania
driver Mark Smith was seventh in only his second appearance at the
track.  Donny Brackett, Bub Cummings, and MSCS rookie Bradley
Sterrett rounded out the top ten.  Dakota Jackson finished eleventh
and was named as the Wilwood Tuff Brakes Award Winner for the event.
     The three sprint car heat races to open the show were won by Chase
Stockon, Hunter Schuerenberg, and Daron Clayton.  Although all three
winners came from the first two rows, first and second heat
runner-ups Jon Stanbrough and Robert Ballou had started ninth.  Levi
Jones was second in the third heat.
     Mark Smith won the B Main.  It was eventful with one pile-up
involving at least six drivers.  Donny Brackett finished second after
starting eleventh.  There were six caution periods in the 12 lap
     The Keizer Aluminum Wheels Hard Charger of the Race was Bub Cummings.
 He arrived at the track after hot laps and did not do well in his
heat.  He then started on the tail of the B and managed to edge Kurt
Gross at the line to gain the last transfer spot to the A.  Cummings
improved 11 spots in the feature to finish in the top ten.
     Prior to the start of the KISS-MSCS feature event the 20 car starting
field formed the traditional 4 wide parade lap followed by a tribute
to Josh Burton using the missing man formation.  Burton, who had
raced with MSCS as recently as May 11th , had passed away from
injuries received at a race elsewhere Friday night.  Sprint car teams
had also taken the time to  apply 04 decals and add orange trim to
their car's roll bars or Hoosier Tires in memory of Josh.
     The next event for MSCS will be on June 15th at Tri-State Speedway.
This is the first time that the non wing MSCS sprints and the winged
MOWA sprints will appear on the same program.  The Southern Indiana
Sprint Stampede will offer fans two distinctly different sprint car
feature events.
Provided as News and Information for MSCS


     The UMP Open Wheel Modifieds raced on the same program.  Zach Fair of
Petersburg, IN, won the exciting 25 lap feature.  It was his second
victory in a row.  Veteran Everett Bradham finished second.  Chad
Kinder, Brandon McDowell, and Mark Lamont rounded out the top five.
     Bradham, Larry Anderson, and Levi Kissinger won the 3 heat races for
the 27 cars and drivers.  Tim Lewis won the B Main.
     The next event at Tri-State Speedway is on Saturday June 8th and it
will feature the UMP Modifieds along with the PCRA Late Models.  The
Summit Modified Nationals that night will pay $3,000 to win!  A large
field of mods are expected for this Tri-State Summer Showdown.



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