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Posted May 26, 2015

     Haubstadt, IN - May 24 -  Brady Short was the victor Sunday night at
Tri-State Speedway in winning the combined MSCS and KISS feature for
non-wing sprint cars.  Fans watched in awe as the 30 lap feature
produced one of the most exciting finishes ever.  Short and Kyle
Cummins crossed the finish line side by side.  Short withstood
Cummin’s last lap charge by a couple of feet.
     It was a banner weekend for Short.  “You know it was a really good
weekend.”  The Mitchell, IN, driver had also won the MSCS/KISS race
at Bloomington on Friday night.  “I was fortunate enough to get
around those lapped cars.  The win certainly helped our points lead.”
 Brady Short continues as the points leader for both the MSCS and
KISS series.  The Maxim sprint is owned by Cam Potorff and powered by
a Spec engine.  Sponsors include Sipes Body & Glass, Indiana
Stoneworks, and Bloomington Auto Colors.
     Jeff Bland Jr. lead the first three laps after starting on the
outside pole.  He was the previous year’s winner for the Memorial
Weekend Classic.  Kyle Cummins then took over the lead and was
already lapping cars by lap 8.  Short who had started ninth was
second by lap 9 and the race was on!  Short cut into Cummin’s lead
and made the pass on lap 21.  But Kyle Cummin’s didn’t fade.  He kept
pace, watched the traffic, and worked to set up that  last lap
     Robert Ballou was third.  This was a remarkable drive also.  He had
started in the back of the feature field after being forced to the
pits with a flat tire during his heat race.  Then he was involved in
a yellow flag incident on lap 2 of the feature.  After restarting at
the back, he passed twice as many cars as any of the other drivers to
become the Keizer Aluminum Wheels Hard Charger of the Race.
     Jeff Bland Jr. just missed a podium finish in finishing fourth.
Carson Short rounded out the top five.  He was followed by Chad
Boespflug, Jon Stanbrough, Chase Stockon, Max McGhee, and Kyle
Robbins.  James Lyerla was  eleventh and was the recipient of the
Wilwood Tuff Brakes Award.
     The winners of the two qualifying heat races were Kyle Cummins and
Jeff Bland Jr.
The top three finishers in each heat redrew for the first six feature
starting positions.  It did rain for a period or two following the heat
races.  But Tom Helfrich and the track crew reworked the track and the
entire program of events was completed.

     Trent Young of Madisonville, KY, won the 25 lap feature in the UMP
Modified class.  Young led Josh Harris, Dustin Beck, Brandon
McDowell, and Matt Lane to the finish line.  Matt Hines of Carmi, IL,
won the B Main to transfer and turned that into a seventh place A
finish.  The three preliminary heat races concluded with Matt Lane,
Josh Harris, and Trent Young winning.
     The MMSA Mini Sprints made their first appearance of the year.  Andy
Bradley won their 20 lap feature event.  Justin Lewis, Scott Bradley,
Colin Ambrose, and Troy Fortune completed the top five.  Eight of the
21 starting drivers finished on the lead lap.  Colin Ambrose, Scott
Bradley, Lynn Ambrose, and Troy Fortune also won their heat races.

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